Cycle Touring India Sunday 9th October. Igatpuri to Malsne. 62 miles.

Obviously India knows who I am judging by the amount of people that have stopped me in the past two days asking for a photo with me and as for the hotel tonight I thought I was never going to get to my room they just wanted to take photos of me with hotel in the background!

Stopped early tonight I really didn’t fancy being out in the dark again especially as i’ve  been really struggling these past few days and really couldn’t work out why? Maybe I couldn’t do the distances that I use to, perhaps I’m too old!

Hopefully neither of those are the reason! I think and hope that it’s these strong antihistamines that I’ve been taking, they just knock me for six! All I’ve wanted to do all day is stop and rest, every turn of the peddle was a real effort, I’m surprised I done as many miles as I did! Anyway we’ll soon see if it is those tablets I’m going to stop taking them tomorrow. Although I know I’m not going to do a huge distance tomorrow as I think I’m going to stop at Dhule which is only about 60 miles away, it’s a biggish town so I’m hoping to get wifi!

There’s been a lot of protests along the roads today, they burn tyres in the roads which brings the traffic to a halt, although I only saw one lot of tyres burning there had been quite a few more. I could tell by the blackened road but the worse part of it is the metal shards from the tyres that are left on the road. How I never got a puncture today is a miracle! Apparently the protests are some religious group who aren’t very happy and that’s as much as I know!

Garry McGivern posing with hotel staff
Posing with the hotel staff

4 Replies to “Cycle Touring India Sunday 9th October. Igatpuri to Malsne. 62 miles.”

    1. They usually pull alongside and ask where I’m from to which I obviously reply, they say thank you and goodbye and drive off, then stop about 100 yards up the road and ask for a “selfie” as they call it!

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