Travelsonabike2 India Sunday 9th-October-2016

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in India on Sunday, 9th-October-2016. Igatpuri to Malsne. 62 miles. Obviously, India knows who I am judging by the number of people who have stopped me in the past two days asking for a photo with me. As for the hotel tonight. I thought I was never going to get to my room they just wanted to take photos of me with the hotel in the background!

Stopped early tonight I really didn’t fancy being out in the dark again, especially as I’ve been really struggling these past few days. and really couldn’t work out why. Maybe I can’t do the distances that I used to. Or perhaps I’m too old!

Hopefully, neither of those is the reason! I think and hope that it’s these strong antihistamines that I’ve been taking; they just knock me for six! All I’ve wanted to do all day is stop and rest. Every turn of the peddle was a real effort. I’m surprised I have done as many miles as I did! Anyway, we’ll soon see if it is those tablets I’m going to stop taking them tomorrow. Although I know I’m not going to do a huge distance tomorrow. I think I’m going to stop at Dhule, which is only about 60 miles away. It’s a biggish town, so I’m hoping to get wifi!

On The Road

There have been a lot of protests along the roads today. They burn tyres on the roads, which brings the traffic to a halt. Although I only saw one lot of tyres burning, there had been quite a few more. I could tell by the blackened road. But the worst part of it is the metal shards from the tyres that are left on the road. How I never got a puncture today is a miracle! Apparently, the protests are some religious groups who aren’t very happy, and that’s as much as I know!

Garry McGivern posing with hotel staff
Posing with the hotel staff

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    1. They usually pull alongside and ask where I’m from to which I obviously reply, they say thank you and goodbye and drive off, then stop about 100 yards up the road and ask for a “selfie” as they call it!

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