Valentine’s Day Photos 2016

A few photos that were taken on Valentine’s Day 2016 by Garry as rode around on his bike. Unfortunately, Julie wasn’t able to come out, so Garry had to find somebody else to go out with. And who better than Passepartout his trusty bike. So they headed off towards Brighton for the day. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than going on a bike ride!

It made a nice change heading East for once. I usually head West as it’s against the prevailing wind. That way, I’ve always got the wind behind me on the way home, but this weekend, it was coming from the East. Once I’d got to Brighton I just took a few photos and then came home!

These are a few of the photographs Garry took on his ride. You can also find photos on Garry’s Facebook and Instagram pages, which you can view without subscribing. But if you already subscribe to social media, why not follow Garry?

Valentine’s Day Photos 2016

If you want to find out if Garry’s away touring at the moment and check his location, visit the Where’s Garry web page. And, of course, you can always follow Garry on social media: Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Garry is also on Flickr, where his photos are released first, along with all the photographs from previous tours.

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  1. Garry, is the photo at the top, right in Brighton? It looks more like it’s in Istanbul. Of course I might have had a better idea if we hadn’t got lost and completely missed Brighton after catching up with you last July!!!

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