Sunhday 23rd September 2012 – Sulutobe to Eski Talap.

Sulutobe to Eski Talap. 87 miles.

It was really hard going this morning, it was blowing a gale and I was struggling to even ride at 7mph! Think if I’d have come this way on my original route I’d have given up by now!

I stopped for lunch and when I came out the wind had just gone and it was really warm, I’d only been inside for less than half an hour, I even went back inside and came back out just in case I’d gone into another dimension, the change was that dramatic! I wasn’t complaining it was nice to not have to battle the wind.

Riding along late this afternoon a car pulled over and out jumped a family, nothing new there it quite often happens they just like to say hello which I also like, as I pulled up to the family to say hello and shake there hands they bestowed all these gifts on me, water, coke, red bull and some sweets, they took a quick photo of me and before I could say thank you and take their photo they had gone, leaving me to work out where or how I could carry these extra bottles, I was already loaded up ready for the night, I’d made sure I got some beer early today. That really made my day those people just stopping and giving me those gifts, especially after such a tough morning!

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