Cycle Touring India Friday 7th October. Mumbai 

The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai.

Decided to take the bike out this morning, just to make sure that I’d put it together properly and a wheel wasn’t going to fall off!

The Dhobi Ghat

The other reason for getting the bike out was to go and see the Dhobi Ghat where nearly all the cloths from Mumbai come to get washed and apparently it’s all done by men and no women!
This was my first time back on the roads of India and I’d forgotten just how busy and chaotic they are! I’ve found that the best way to deal with them is to cycle like an Indian and put the blinkers on, don’t look left, right or behind just keep going ring the bell and let everybody else move out of the way! Which surprisingly works!

After going to the Dhobi Ghat I made my way back to the hotel to drop the bike off as I was now off to see the dabbawala’s, if I could find them! I tried yesterday but got the wrong time and place! Today I got the right time but the wrong place but luckily I quickly worked out that I was in the wrong place and moved catching the last few dabbawala’s heading off to deliver their tiffin tins.

A few of the dabbawalas
A few of the dabbawalas

Fingers crossed my phone seems to have settled down now and I’ve been able to access the Internet and it’s also not deleted anything today!

Tomorrow I hit the roads properly heading in a north easterly direction, who knows where I’ll end up, but that’s one of the reasons I like travelling the way I do, I just never know where I’m going to spend the next night!

Cycle Touring India Thursday 6th October. Mumbai. 

This is going to be a really short post as this will be about the fifth time of writing it!

Cow on the street in Mumbai
Cows grazing on the streets of Mumbai

I’m having real problems with my phone it keeps deleting my emails before I can send them!

Basically last night I was trying to sort out my phone and laptop and the same thing this morning. Then went out for a wander around Mumbai.

Liquor sign in India
Sign in the hotel bar in Mumbai

Cycle Touring India Wednesday 5th October. Mumbai. 

It was a good flight over last night and the nine hour flight time passed really quickly.

I’d looked at the weather forecast for Mumbai when I was waiting at Heathrow and it really wasn’t good it seems as though the monsoon season has returned! Which is really not what I wanted, I came here because it’s not meant to rain!

Sure enough as we were coming into land it was pouring with rain outside!

I was really disappointed when I disembarked the airplane the whole place had changed completely! Gone was the hustle and bustle and the long queues that I had when I was here 5 years ago! I seemed to remember having to queue for what felt like an eternity last time and it was in complete chaos. This time it was a very slick operation and I was outside the airport within about 45 minutes of landing!

I was really sad and disappointed, the sheer chaos of India is one of its charms surely they had not lost that! Luckily they hadn’t and as soon as I was away from the airport the normal chaos returned and India was how I remembered it! Apparently it’s a new airport that opened a few years ago which would explain it all.

After checking into my hotel I spent the afternoon putting my bike back together and trying to sort out some technical issues with my phone and also social media!

These things always seem to happen when I’m travelling!