Cycle Touring India Sunday 20th November. Delhi.

I was going to pack my bike away this morning but then decided it’s easier to play the tourist on the bike rather than walking.

The Red Fort
The Red Fort

First on the list was the Red Fort which I really liked, obviously I never went in I just done my normal touristy thing, look at it briefly from the outside, photograph it then move on!

The Red Fort
The Red Fort viewed from Netaji Subhash way

Opposite the Red Fort on Netaji Subhash way there was a market going on and I’ve never seen so many people at a market before it was chaos, even more so than the normal chaotic scenes in India!

Parliament building
Parliament building viewed from the rear

After the Red Fort things went a bit downhill on the sightseeing front as most of the other things on my list I couldn’t actually see from the road very well!

Gandi memorial
In memory of the countless indians who generation after generation struggled and sacrificed against foreign rule

But I still had a nice ride around Delhi covering about 20 miles in about 5 hours and I saw some monkeys and had loads of “selfies” taken!

Tomb of Khan-i-Khana
Tomb of Khan-i-Khana under renovation

Cycle Touring India Saturday 19th November. Delhi.

I was up a 4am this morning trying to sort out another hotel but they just all seemed to be full apart from of course the more expensive ones or the very cheap ones! So I decided better the devil you know and am staying put! I did find out later in the day that it maybe due to the Delhi half marathon tomorrow.

A smoggy Delhi
A smoggy view of Delhi from my hotel window this morning

After filling up on the buffet breakfast (to make sure I get my monies worth!) and with a bit of help from the hotel concierge I sourced out where to get packing materials for my bike, I’d already found a bike shop where I could hopefully get a box from but they didn’t open until 11am so off I went to get some bubble wrap, which remarkably I found pretty easily!

Learner drivers handbook
The message on the front of a learning to drive book, what a load of rubbish!

After returning back to the hotel to drop the bubble wrap off it was time to find the bike shop which was about five miles away in South Delhi. That too was pretty easy to find and he also had a box, which was delivered to the hotel in the evening.

Parliament building

On the way back to the hotel after sorting out the box I done a spot of site seeing and went to see the Indian gate and the parliament buildings then that was enough for me so I went back to the hotel.

India Gate
India Gate

Whilst I was out playing the tourist I got speaking to a bloke from England Nick, turned out we were staying at the same hotel so we had supper together. Nick was over here on business and was just playing the tourist on his last day before flying home in the early hours of the morning.

It was nice to be able to have a conversation with somebody and not have to keep guessing what they said because of the accent!

Cycle Touring India Friday 18th November. Moradabad to Delhi. 106 miles.

Nice early start today as I was hoping to make it to Delhi but I wasn’t totally sure whether I would make it or not!

As soon as I got on the bike I put my headphones on and it was head down and just cycle! I very rarely put my music on but I knew it would be dual carriageway all the way and I just wanted to get to Delhi.

I was wondering whether I would just just make it to Ghaziabad for tonight and then sort a hotel out for my last few days in India, o’how I wished I did!

Fast food signs
Thought I was in America for a moment then

I knew it was a mistake arriving in Delhi in the dark! The traffic was a nightmare and I couldn’t find any hotels until I stumbled upon a group of hotels, the only trouble was that they were all the top end of the market, all five star and I hate those places and perfectly justified I think!I’d had enough by now so I chose the unbranded one or rather a brand I didn’t know and hopefully the cheapest! Initially the over officious security guard wouldn’t let me take my bike into the grounds until I told him there’s no way I’m leaving it out here! After a bit of arguing he eventually got a manager who let me take it in!After checking in and having a shower (I’m surprised they let me in at all looking at how dirty I was!) I went to go to the “sky bar” only to initially be refused entry because I didn’t have shoes on! Until I explained that I’d cycled here and didn’t have any shoes with me so he let me in, then when I did got in I was shuffled away into the corner and then got ignored by the waiter until I said something!

After a quick beer and something to eat which no doubt has cost me a small fortune I went back to my room to try and find somewhere cheaper! That was after paying for the wifi which normally you get free but for some reason expensive places always charge!

Cycle Touring India Thursday 17th November. Khatima to Moradabad. 84 miles.

Bad roads on the way to Moradabad.

Now what came first the bad mood, bad roads or the bad drivers? I suspect it was the bad mood! The hotel or rather the place I stopped at last night was so noisy, there was some party going on across the road and the music was just so loud, it wasn’t the loudness that worried me or rather annoyed me, it was more the fact that it was just so distorted!

Camping cooker
Proper hotel camping!

Not too sure what time I feel asleep but the next thing was I got woken up by somebody in the hotel possibly the staff playing loud music at about 2am!

So it was a case of Mr Grumpy right from the go this morning, which wasn’t helped by the bad roads and bad drivers! I even had a go at a couple of people today because they’d cut me up or nearly run me of the road! And all I got back was a look as if nothing was wrong with what they’d done, but I was in such a bad mood I made sure they knew I was unhappy! As far as I was concerned everybody was a tosser today!!

Broken down lorry
The bad roads I saw several lorries like this with broken axles

I’m already missing Nepal, all the places I stayed were generally pretty good and had wifi, whereas what they pass for good here in India leaves a lot to be desired and also they don’t tend to have wifi available as much!

Queues of people outside the banks in India
The long queues at banks

Don’t get me wrong I love India, I just find it a bit frustrating some of the standards of accommodation they have, especially when they bill it as good or exceptional, but then for £6 a night what do you expect! And I certainly can’t complain tonight! I think I’m just grumpy today and best just go to bed! Good night everyone!

A dirty and dusty Garry McGivern
A dirty and dusty Garry at the end of the day