Thursday 17th November 2011

House built into the side of the hill
House built into the side of the hill near Near Krepoljin Serbia

Thur 17. Grocka to Zagubica 77 miles. Very cold start today took ages before the frost had all gone. Just glad I’m not camping although I was beginning to think I might have to tonight, thought I’d missed the only town on my map for another 24 miles, luckily I didn’t. Mind you the hotel last night wasn’t particularly warm in the room and neither is this one, must remember to bring my sleeping bag in off the bike at least i’ll be warm in bed, it was just 2 blankets last night and one of those was from the second bed! Dogs are really starting to become a problem now, nice little chap first thing this morning running along with me as I went up a hill, I did fear for his safety though he kept running from one side of the road to another, I was finding it very hard, I kept thinking he was going to get run over any minute, but luckily he didn’t, I was quite glad when I was at the top of the hill and started to pick up a bit of speed so he couldn’t keep up, the last I saw of him was following some girl down another road. Dogs a bit later in the day weren’t quite so friendly and got chased several times, at one point a pack of 5 dogs were chasing me, think I might start carrying a stick to fend them off with! The day finished on a rather sad note, just as it was starting to get dark I could see yet another dog standing by the side of the road waiting for me, as I got nearer and was getting to put a spurt on to get away, I noticed the dog start to cower away and as I rode past I noticed another dog lying dead by the side of the road, it had obviously happened fairly recently as the other dog looked so sad and was just waiting by the dead dog. You do see a lot of dead dogs and that’s always sad, but this was particularly sad as the dogs mate was just waiting over there body.

Wednesday 16th November 2011

The Danube at Novi Sad, Serbia
The Danube at Novi Sad, Serbia

Wed 16. Novi Sad to Grocka 72 miles. Still in Serbia and probably be here tomorrow night also. Lovely hotel last night both the girl on duty last night and the one this morning spoke very good English and were very helpful, not very busy though there was only me and a German bloke there. Didn’t get on the road until 8 o’clock this morning, seemed to take forever to get breakfast, it was waiter service. The roads were a bit busier today but then I was heading towards the capital Belgrade, found my way through there fairly well, I’m getting pretty good at cities on this trip, I just tend to follow the compass! There’s loads of smallish dogs roaming around and seem fairly friendly they always wag there tail when you are near them. Then there’s some medium sized dogs who don’t seem quite as friendly, going along this morning I saw this dog attacking cars as they drove past, then it was my turn to go past and was ready for the attack, to my amazement he just ignored me, yet as soon as another car came behind me he was in attack mode again! Most bizarre. I did get chased by a dog this afternoon but I was going fairly fast so it wasn’t a problem.

Tuesday 15th November 2011

Warning sign
Watch out there’s mines in those fields

Tue 15. Mohacs to Novi Sad, Serbia. 104 miles. Cold start once again but at least it stays dry. Had to hand my passport over at the Croatian border first time I’ve had to do that on this trip. They obviously only let lorries through at a certain time as they were all queued up waiting to cross, passed through the Hungarian side and then proceeded the Croatian side who were also ok, I was having a conversation with a policeman I think (he wasn’t in a uniform but had a badge) whilst the border guards checked my passport, I think he was asking me where I was going, so I told him, not too sure what he thought about it but he shook his head a few times at certain countries. Pleasant ride through Croatia, nice and flat. I got to Osijek and continued to ride through and head in an easterly direction, (what other way would I be going on this trip?) I passed a couple of houses that looked as if they were riddled with bullet holes but thought not it must be something else. Then after about a kilometre when I was away from any houses and surrounded by fields I noticed there were some signs with skull and cross bones on them, after a closure look they were warning about mines! Perhaps they were bullet holes after all. Also glad I didn’t have to pop into the fields for a comfort break, that could have been painful! More border checks crossing into Serbia but again no problem.