Cycle Touring England Saturday 11th June. Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst. 67 miles.

Had a free weekend this week so I decided to come away on my bike. I was thinking of going to France but then decided that it really wasn’t worth it just for one night! So I’ve come down to the New Forest instead.


It was a good ride down and I came the slightly longer route which follows the cycle route and involves a few ferries (Portsmouth to Gosport, the little Pink ferry and Southampton to Hythe) which I always enjoy. Although the weather was very humid and it was spitting with rain for most of it but not enough to really matter.


I arrived at Hollands Wood my normal campsite only to be greeted with “oh no not you again!” How rude, obviously I’ve been coming here a little bit too much! They were even more impressed when I told them that I’ll probably be back next week as well!

Harbour at Titchfield Marsh
The little harbour at Titchfield Marsh

May 2016 Update

Well at least this month has been a bit better on the cycling front and I’ve managed to get away on a couple of the weekends and also had a few nice day rides.

The pretty village of Porchester in Hampshire
Porchester Castle
Porchester Castle Hampshire

The first weekend of the month got off to a good start with my annual cycle to the Isle of Wight, once again it was only me but that’s fine it’s good to keep it going and I always enjoy cycling on the Isle of Wight, although it did turn into a bit of a pub crawl this time!

At lunchtime I stopped off at the Chequers Inn at Rookley for something to eat but it was too busy for me and I couldn’t be bothered to queue up for the carvery so I just had a pint of beer instead unfortunately or maybe not depending on your point of view I was starting to get a real taste for it and after my third pint I decided that I’d better get a move on or I’d never leave.

By the time I’d got to Shorwell about another 6 miles away I was starting to get the munchies so I decided to stop off at the Crown Inn and get something to eat and obviously have another couple of pints to wash the food down! By the time I left Shorwell, it was getting really late in the afternoon and I probably should have gone straight to the campsite, but I had to pass one more pub, the Three Bishops in Brighstone and it would have been rude not to go in there as well! Needless to say by the time I arrived at the campsite it was early evening I was probably a little worse for wear, so I just put the tent up and retired for the evening!

Bosham Harbour
Looking towards Bosham Harbour West Sussex

I also had my overnight cycle ride to Winchester and then, of course, this past weekend I cycled to Crowborough for Julie’s uncles 70th birthday party so at least I’ve been able to get a few miles under my belt this month and I’m hoping to go away a bit more next month.

Man on a Danish
Jonathan and his Danish bike who I met on one of my day rides

On the health front it’s not been particularly brilliant not only did I get cellulitis back again this month but I now seem to have picked up some other allergy or something!

For the past couple of months I’ve had this really angry rash on my arms and neck which has been driving me mad where it’s been itching so much and I’ve been going to the doctors nearly every week trying to get something to ease it, they kept giving me different pills, potions and creams but none of them seemed to work in fact some of them seemed to make things worse and just inflamed it! Eventually, I’d had enough and went to see a consultant dermatologist who thinks it is some form of airborne allergy or some photo-allergic reaction to some of the tablets I take for my back. To hopefully cure it I’ve been put on a course of steroids for a month which meant for a while that I was taking 30 tablets a day, 30 is that a record? It probably isn’t but it’s still one hell of a lot of tablets to take, I was taking 18 at breakfast!

Maybe I should change the tag line of the website to “travels on a bike 2 not very far due to the amount of medication that needs to be carried these days!” Although now at the end of the month I’m only on 15 tablets a day and the itchiness and rash have nearly gone.

I think that life is just the wrong way round! When you’re young, fit and able to do things you just don’t seem to have enough time to do them what with bringing up a family and providing a home, yet when you have more time you can’t do those things because you’re not fit enough to do them!

But life is good and at least I’m still able to ride my bike!

Cycle Touring England Monday 30th May. Crowborough to Bognor Regis. 67 miles.

Nice early start this morning I was on the road by 6.30, which was mainly due to the insomnia I’m experiencing at the moment due to the steroids I’m taking! But it’s also so light in the mornings at this time of year; I always like to go away cycling when the days are long.

As I sat I my tent last night I heard another cyclist pull up next to me and pitch his tent, so I thought I’d go and have a chat with him to see where he’s going to and where he’s come from, I just thought that I’d let him get settled in first. Just as well I did, as I sat in my tent I could hear the conversation that he was having with some of the people that walked by. They were also intrigued to know what he was doing, all I heard him say was that he’d come from Kent but hadn’t gone very far today as he’d got an upset stomach and hasn’t been able to keep anything in all day, lovely! Needless to say I gave him a wide berth and never bothered to go and speak to him, I just hid in my tent!

The ride home was pretty windy but luckily it was mainly on my back and I came home in a bit of a roundabout way so I could cycle home a different way and ended up on the Downs Link which links the North Downs and the South Downs which was really pleasant.

I arrived home at about 2pm.

Lancing College
Lancing College

Photo; Lancing College as viewed from the Downs Link route, it always reminds me of Harry Potter!

Cycle Touring England Sunday 29th May. Horam to Crowborough. 16 miles.

Horam railway station
Horam railway station

Ha ha! Talk about not proof reading things, it’s a seventieth birthday party I’ve come to not a seventh as I said yesterday! Didn’t rush to get up this morning as knew I didn’t have far to go so I was just milling around the campsite, that was until all the children started to get up and were running around the tent again I soon packed up and left then! I cycled down the road into Horam and went and had a nice fry up at the cafe there which was full of bikers. After breakfast, i had a really pleasant ride following the Cuckoo Trail which is part of Avenue Verte the London to Paris cycle route. Everybody was so friendly saying good morning even a couple of the lycra brigade managed a hello although I did speak first! After spending the afternoon at this party (it was Julie’s uncle) I decided to stay at the campsite in Crowborough and head home tomorrow. Photos; along the Cuckoo trail which is a disused railway line.

Disused railway line
Disused railway line