Friday 2nd December 2011

Early morning in Turkey
Early morning near Gerede Turkey

Gerede to Ankara 88 miles

Today started off the way yesterday finished, going up hill! Two big climbs today the first at just under 1600m the second just over 1100m, once they were out of the way it was mainly down hill to Ankara! It’s been cold all day today I’ve had a hat on for the majority of the day, should start warming up soon though!

Felt a lot better today, the last 2 days have not been good. The news about Iran was playing on my mind as I didn’t really know which way I was going to go even though I’d looked at the options on Wednesday! Last night I decided to try and get visas for Saudi Arabia and Egypt, if the Embassy’s are open tomorrow, if not then I’ll get a flight to India. I know the visas will take a while and i’ll have to wait around for a few days, maybe a week or more but at least something will be happening, haven’t got the patience to wait for them to open!

Thursday 1st December 2011

Bolu Dagi Turkey
Looking out from the Bolu Dagi

Duzce to Gerede 70 miles

Nothing exciting today didn’t even get chased by any dogs. It’s been a hard hard mainly up hill. Still thinking which way to go next, my latest plan is to just fly to India, as I think I might have a problem getting from Cyprus to Egypt also the Saudi visa could be difficult. Pretty annoyed about Iran especially as Pakistan had already been crossed off, suppose that’s one of the joys of trying to cycle to Australia.

Wednesday 30th November 2011

Uzuntarla to Duzce 51 miles

No breakfast at the hotel this morning so managed to get an early start and was on the road at 7. Decided that the events in Iran aren’t going to get any better and perhaps I should look at my options. Passed my first hotel just before 1pm and decided to see if they had wifi. They did so decided to stop, even though it goes against the grain, it was also bugging me as to which way I could go if not going through Iran! Spent the afternoon looking at maps and on the internet and there only seems one route open to me unless I fly. Can’t head north through Georgia and over the top of Iran because of the time of year and snow, Syria’s out of the question. So I think I’m going down to the south of Turkey, get a ferry to Cyprus then another boat to Egypt, then cycle to Saudi Arabia and Dubai and fly to India as was the plan after not being able to go through Pakistan. Can I get a refund on the Iranian visa?

Tuesday 29th November 2011

Istanbul from the ferry
Last look back across the Bosphorus to Istanbul

After a nice relaxing weekend I took a nice leisurely breakfast before saying goodbye to the staff who have all been really helpful and friendly. Decided to catch a ferry to cross the Bosporus as I don’t think you can ride your bike across the bridges. It took about 15 minutes and cost less the a pound and it was just down the road from the hotel. Once across the Bosporus it was back into all that traffic, I thought it might not be so bad going out of the city but it was! Not a very enjoyable ride today as it’s been on dual carriageways which I don’t mind, there’s just been so much traffic, my ears are ringing tonight! Found a nice cheap hotel tonight, it’s cost me less than £15! Don’t like the news from Iran! And I don’t think it’s going to get any better before I get there, think I might have to look at other options.