Austria, Cycling To Australia 10th November 2011

Garry McGivern is in Austria, cycling to Australia on the 10th of November 2011. Vovklabruck to Amstetten. 80 miles. There were plenty of Japanese tourists in last night’s hotel, all snapping away at anything that didn’t move! Last night, there was a set of scales in my room, so I decided to weigh myself! Now, I’m not too sure of their accuracy, but if they’re correct, I’ve lost a stone since leaving home!

I know I’ve been cycling every day, but I don’t usually burn that much fat! Perhaps I’ve been burning all that excess weight I’d gained before leaving home! I think I’ll have to stop off in Turkey to build up again before Iran!

I had to make a rather hasty stop at a McDonald’s this morning! I don’t know what I’d eaten, but whatever it was, it didn’t want to stay in! But, looking on the bright side, at least I could make use of their free wifi! That was after using their facilities!

Austrian church
Austrian church along the road

I think they may be expecting snow soon! The poles have gone out along the edges of the road, so when the snow is lying three feet on the ground, you still know where the road is! Best I get a move on before it does snow! Despite the prospect of snow, I’m still in my shorts! Not sure for how much longer, though. It is pretty cold!

I passed the 1000 mile mark today, just! At the end of today, my mileage stood at 1002. Not much further to go then!

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