Bicycle-Touring Great-Britain 11th-September 2014

Bicycle-Touring Great-Britain 11th-September 2014 Kielder Forest to Edinburgh. 68 miles. Bloody midges were up early today. As soon as it was light, they were there. Apparently, it’s the carbon monoxide we breathe out that attracts them! So some other camper told me this morning. Perhaps I’ll stop breathing then!

Very foggy again this morning. Visibility was down to about 100 metres! Which was a real shame. I’m sure that the scenery would have been pretty breathtaking climbing up the 1370m ascent to Carter Bar. The border between England and Scotland. As I descended from Carter Bar, the fog started to lift. And it certainly was breathtaking, pine forests dotted around with big mountains as a backdrop. Despite the beauty, it was bloody cold coming downhill! I even put my fleece on for the first time on this trip!

Man and bike by rock
At the border with Scotland

It remained hilly for the rest of the day. And I had another big climb of 1200m later on in the day.

I arrived in Edinburgh at around 4 o’clock, and as per normal stopped at the first hotel I found. Only to find it was full! No problem, I thought there must be 100’s of hotels in Edinburgh. I’ll just try another one! The next one was also full and the next and the next and so on! Even the hotels that had sister hotels in the area were full!

I’ve eventually found a faceless international hotel that isn’t worth the money they charge! But at least I’ve found a bed for the night! Hopefully, I’ll be camping again tomorrow!

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