Thursday 12 March. Colchester to Great Yarmouth. 79 miles.

What a day! The sun’s been shining I’ve had the wind on my back and I’ve managed to do some decent milage for once! Not sure whether it’s because the sun’s been shining or because I’ve had the wind on my back but that must be the best day I’ve had in a couple of months! For feeling fit that is! I’m sure that I could feel a change in my back/leg today, don’t ask me what it is though it just feels different! Everyday on this trip I’ve been struggling and finding it hard going but today I felt back to my normal self, whilst cycling anyway, I still struggled to walk once I was off the bike but again that didn’t feel half as bad as it has been! Let’s just hope that this isn’t just a one off and it will be the same tomorrow!

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  1. Nice one Spike!! Well done!! Perhaps you have turned a corner so to speak 🙂 Long may this feeling last and improvements every day x

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