Thursday 12th April 2012 – Burra to Renmark.

Burra to Renmark. 124 miles.

Much better ride today the wind has dropped and also changed direction.

Riding along the Murray river not that I could see it but I kept getting glimpses of it!

Think I’m in the wine making region as there’s loads of vine yards all around.

Had to bin my fruit today as I entered a fruit fly zone which basically means your not allowed to bring in any fresh fruit or vegetables into the area from outside, seems a bit of a waste all the people stopping and just binning there fruit, I stood there and ate mine as did some other people. It’s to protect the farmers from fruit fly, apparently if it’s found on there crop they can’t export their produce and it ends up costing millions of dollars! I knew you wasn’t allowed to take fruit from one region to the next but didn’t realise there was restrictions within!

Arrived fairly late tonight so just stopped at the first place that came up, which was a motel, went to check in and was just about to pay, the lady Rosie was processing it she just asked me what I was doing, so I explained what I was doing and who I was doing it for. She only gave me a 50% discount on the room! What a really nice lady, think I’d definitely come back here the “Renmark Motor Inn” Renmark, there’s a swimming pool here too somewhere!

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