Thursday 12th January 2012 – Yuri to Yuanjiang.

Yuri to Yuanjiang. 94 miles.

Really hard ride today, but the scenery was spectacular, I’d climb for a couple of hours and then all of a sudden you’d get round the next bend and be at the top, you could see for miles. The road was really quite also, think it’s the old main road but now they’ve got a motorway, which follows nearly.the same path, but without all the climbs, most of the traffic goes on that. Got a bit worried at one point. I’d seen and could smell smoke for miles but never took too much notice, as I started to get closer I could see there was a forest fire on the other side of the valley, but as I went on it had spread to my side, although it was mainly higher up, there was a few places where it was right next to the road. Don’t think there was any real danger, none of the people in the villages that were close to the fires were taking any notice!

Didn’t finish riding until 8 o’clock tonight, not done a huge amount of miles, just that it was slow, hard going even the downhills you couldn’t go that fast as the road was so bumpy.

Another cheap hotel tonight it’s only costing me £7 and these are proper hotels. They do have some strange things in the rooms, both yesterday and today both have had condoms in them, so if I get lucky I’ll be ok! Cigarettes, chinese pot noodle and tonight a spare pair of pants in a packet both for him and a pair for her. But no mini bar!

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