Thursday 14th May. Montoro to Alcaudete. 57 miles.

Well it certainly wasn’t meant to be this hot I’m sure! Now I know I changed my mind about going to Scandinavia as I thought it wouldn’t be quite so warm up there and I came south for the warmer weather but with temperatures in the 40s and big hills that I keep on having to climb it’s a bit much really! Even going downhill when you think it would be a bit cooler with the air rushing past it isn’t,  it’s like getting blown by a hot hairdryer! I’ve spent the day just riding from one piece of shade to the next and there hasn’t been many of them! Every time a town or garage came up I stopped just to get a bit of shade again but also to get some cold water, each time I stopped I’d drink loads of the lovely cold water then put the rest into my water bottle’s on the bike, but within 15 minutes the water would have warmed up and another 5 or 10 minutes I’d be drinking hot water not the nicest of things but at least it kept me hydrated! Had a good night in the hotel bar last night watching the Champions league football semi final, there always seems to be a good atmosphere when you watch these events abroad despite the Spanish side Real Madrid loosing to the italian side Juventos. Hard end to the day also it was a 5 mile climb to get here to my hotel and then when I arrived at the hotel I thought it was shut as it was all closed up, I was just about to go and try and find another one when I saw a couple ring the bell and somebody let them in.  Luckily I saw that as it was a bit of a climb to get here on cobbled streets! Photo; the castle at Alcaudete my hotel is just below it. castle at Alcaudete

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