Cycle Touring England Thursday 15 June. Staywell to Bridgwater and Back. 14 miles.

The whole purpose of coming on this little tour was to get Passepartout serviced and while it gives me a good excuse to get away it’s a bit of a bore having to hang around on the day of service!

The Hideout campsite

Knowing that the service was going to take a few hours I went for a wander around Bridgwater which didn’t take long at all! So I decided to go and have a breakfast in the local Wetherspoons as it’s cheap and you get free coffee refills!

West Quay Bridgwater
West Quay Bridgwater

After eating the breakfast which I must say was excellent value I decided to stay and abuse the free wifi in the comfort of a pub! I hasten to add that not one drop of alcohol passed my lips I just had coffee!

As I sat there people watching I started to get more and more wound up! Now I know that I’m not exactly Mr slim or Mr healthy, but the size of some of the people that come in and the crap that is thrown down their throats is unbelievable! No wonder this country has a weight and health problem! At least I do try!

St Marys church Bridgwater
St Marys church Bridgwater

The final straw came when some fat thing (a female I think) in her twenties with one child in a pushchair and the other child of about eight came in and ordered a huge burger and chips for herself and also for the older child who wasn’t very skinny either! She was also feeding the child in the pushchair with the same rubbish! They even had some huge calorific dessert! But the worst thing of all was the child bragging to somebody else that he’s been excluded from all schools and all his mum could do was laugh and play on the fruit machine! And I bet she was on benefits! Time for Mr Grumpy to leave!

St John Street Cycles shop
St John Street Cycles shop

Luckily not long after leaving Passepartout was ready and I was soon Mr Happy again, or as happy as I get!

It’s always nice after the bikes been serviced as it feels like riding a new bike! Looking forward to getting back on the road and heading home tomorrow.

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  1. I know what you mean but the caterers prefer those people to us coffee and cake merchants. Lovely countryside but it puzzles me that there is a specialist bike shop right out in the sticks. I wouldn’t like to push that rig up hills. Next time you go to Marseilles, will you take me?

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