Thursday 15th March 2012 – Banyuwangi to Denpansar, Bali.

Banyuwangi to Denpansar, Bali. 88 miles

Ferries run all day and all night so there was no problem getting a boat, just ride up pay the feet, less than a pound and cycle on. The terminal was more like a european port with big roll-on roll-off ferries. The journey only takes about 45 minutes, think they could cut that time in half, spent a long time waiting for a place to dock again, they just seem to have so many ferries. Got invited up to meet the captain and sat in the wheel house for a bit. The crossing was very calm there was hardly any movement on the sea.

Considering how calm the sea was it was a bit of a shock when we landed and I got pedalling, it was blowing a gale. It was a pretty hard ride with a few more hills than I’d been used to on Java, but it was the wind that was the problem, went over one hill and I had difficulty staying in a straight line, luckily it was a quieter stretch of road. Several trees had been blown over and were in the road, one had hit a bus, but I don’t think anybody was hurt think it just broke the front windscreen and crumpled the front side, another tree fell onto some power lines which made one heck of a bang when the transformer blew. Was glad to get off the top of that hill before a tree blew on me!

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