Cycle Touring India Thursday 17th November. Khatima to Moradabad. 84 miles.

Now what came first the bad mood, bad roads or the bad drivers? I suspect it was the bad mood! The hotel or rather the place I stopped at last night was so noisy, there was some party going on across the road and the music was just so loud, it wasn’t the loudness that worried me or rather annoyed me, it was more the fact that it was just so distorted!

Camping cooker
Proper hotel camping!

Not too sure what time I feel asleep but the next thing was I got woken up by somebody in the hotel possibly the staff playing loud music at about 2am!

So it was a case of Mr Grumpy right from the go this morning, which wasn’t helped by the bad roads and bad drivers! I even had a go at a couple of people today because they’d cut me up or nearly run me of the road! And all I got back was a look as if nothing was wrong with what they’d done, but I was in such a bad mood I made sure they knew I was unhappy! As far as I was concerned everybody was a tosser today!!

Broken down lorry
The bad roads I saw several lorries like this with broken axles

I’m already missing Nepal, all the places I stayed were generally pretty good and had wifi, whereas what they pass for good here in India leaves a lot to be desired and also they don’t tend to have wifi available as much!

Queues of people outside the banks in India
The long queues at banks

Don’t get me wrong I love India, I just find it a bit frustrating some of the standards of accommodation they have, especially when they bill it as good or exceptional, but then for £6 a night what do you expect! And I certainly can’t complain tonight! I think I’m just grumpy today and best just go to bed! Good night everyone!

A dirty and dusty Garry McGivern
A dirty and dusty Garry at the end of the day

4 Replies to “Cycle Touring India Thursday 17th November. Khatima to Moradabad. 84 miles.”

    1. I did thank you Liz and feel much more relaxed this morning, mind you I’ve not got on the road yet things might change then!

  1. None of us are angels – I would have been the same. God! You’re moving so fast, I cant’ keep up with you. 84 miles today. I saw one of those lorries overturn on the Khyer Pass. Try and find a quiet Ashram today.

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