Thursday 17th October. Mainz to Andernach. 73 Miles.

Much better luck with finding a room tonight, I got one in the first hotel I tried! Although I think I may have the bridle suite! But hey, who cares I’ve got a room!

Fancy looking bed
My bridle suite

I’m pretty surprised at the mileage I’ve done today, I’ve been phaffing about on social media and stopping to take loads of photos. Which unfortunately really don’t do the scenery justice!

Castles and vineyards
Castles and vineyards

The Rhine passed through a gorge today, and became very closed in! The steep hills either side were laden with vineyards and castles.

I arrived in Koblenz and debated whether to stop the night or not, it was a big place, and there was loads of hotels. But in the end I decided to carry on, that’s when it started to go wrong!

One of the many castles

Firstly I started going the wrong way! All I’ve been doing all day is making sure the river (Rhine) is on my right, what could be more simple! The EV15 follows the Rhine directly along it’s banks, and it’s so well signposted you don’t need a map or any other navigation aid for that matter, unless your name happens to be Garry!

As I said all was going well until I reached Koblenz, the river was on my right everything was fine, not! I ended up going off course following some tributary river! Luckily it was only for a mile or two before I realised!


Once back on my route, I then found it blocked! They were pulling down some building and had put a diversion in! Which to be fair you can’t fault them, it was well signed, it just went a long way around!

Castle river boat
More castles across the river, with one of the many boats that cruise the Rhine

After my brief diversion, which I would have had to do either today or tomorrow, so it really didn’t make any difference, it started to rain again!

But at least I never had the stress of trying to find a hotel tonight!

2 Replies to “Thursday 17th October. Mainz to Andernach. 73 Miles.”

  1. Wow! That boat on the Rhine. It all looks lovely countryside. Three countries in three days – how do you cope with the change of culture and the language. The bridal suite! You must impress them.

    1. There’s loads of those boats going up and down the Rhine all day, ghastly things! Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse, than being stuck on one of those, but then each to their own!
      I’m multi talented and bilingual!!

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