Thursday 19th April 2012 – Wagga Wagga to Jugiong.

Wagga Wagga to Jugiong. 78 miles.

Not a particularly pleasant ride today, it was raining for most of the morning, which I can’t really complain about, it’s the first real rain I’ve had in Australia, it’s more that I’m now cycling on the hard shoulder of the Hume freeway (bikes are allowed) the spray that the trucks send up you can hardly see.

Stopped at a McDonald’s lunch time, to get out of the rain and check my emails at the same time, needn’t have bothered I couldn’t get a connection, think it was so to busy. When I came out the rain had stopped and the freeway was already pretty dry. A couple of miles up the road they’d laid a new surface, not of tarmac but of tar and then they put the stones on top and some stick but a lot don’t, that was a painful mile or so not only was the surface not very smooth but every time a vehicle went past you’d get pelted with stones especially from the lorries, nobody slows down!

But at least the ridings a bit more varied now, it’s not all flat with long straights, there’s plenty of hills and the scenery is more varied.

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