Thursday 19th September 2013. Resson-le-Long to Nettencourt.

Resson-le-Long to Nettencourt. 97 miles.

Very late start this morning, I just found it so hard to get up, think it was a combination of yesterdays long ride and the fact it was a bit chilly outside, but I was nice and cosy in my sleeping bag so didn’t want to move!
Finding the roads really busy especially with trucks, so I changed my route today I thought by staying on the N roads (national routes) I would be relatively ok, I knew they be busy but I wasn’t expecting them to be quite as busy and certainly not single carriage way with no hard shoulder, the odd time when there was a hard shoulder it soon ran out or bicycles weren’t allowed on the road and I have to go on a long detour! The final straw came when there was roadworks and half the carriageway was closed off so there was absolutely no room at all, I spent most of the time going along the grass verge and busy traffic doesn’t normally worry me!

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