Thursday 1st August. Hockley Heath to Oxford. 61 Miles.

Last night’s campsite was a bit of a ripoff! A premium price, with no showers, just one toilet and a cold tap! But hey, I was just grateful to be able to pitch my tent somewhere! And it was nice and peaceful, unsurprisingly!

Tudor house
Shakespeare’s birth place apparently!

Nice early finish today, I was all set up in camp by 2.30!

I suppose it did help being on the road nice and early. Although I have been playing the tourist a bit!

Man on road
A nice 16% gradient to go up today

First of all in Stratford on Avon, then Banbury and finally Oxford.

I like Stratford, I think it’s a lovely town, with plenty of history and loads to see, and do if your stopping!

Flowers statue
Banbury cross

Banbury is also a pleasant town, although not as nice as Stratford!

And finally Oxford, once again a great place to visit!

Man buildings
Playing the tourist in Oxford

Met a fellow cyclist along the road today, although I think he was more of a hobo! He liked to camp wild, and was proud that he hadn’t washed for, it was either three weeks or three months! Either way, it’s not very good, but he was pleasant enough and nice to talk to.

2 Replies to “Thursday 1st August. Hockley Heath to Oxford. 61 Miles.”

  1. There are some strange characters on the road. He! he! How lovely to be in Oxford but you’ve got that bike to lug about. You can’t even put it in ‘left luggage’ now. Don’t come home just yet. Enjoy yourself.

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