Thursday 1st March 2012 – Manna to Krui 118 miles

Manna to Krui 118 miles

Long day today 13 hours pedalling! It started off ok, at about midday when I stopped for something to eat, I saw a sign for Krui saying 100 km and thought it’s only 60 miles and it’s still early, so off I set.

It started to rain at about 3, it’s quite nice when it rains as it cools down a bit. Although I wasn’t too happy in the end today, it rained for nearly 7 hours really hard! Riding along in the rain the road started to climb, it got pretty steep rather quickly, until it was nearly vertical, it wasn’t obviously but it felt like it! It got so steep I had trouble keeping my front wheel on the ground, I had to really lean forward to stop it and I carry quite a bit of weight on the front! Even some of the lorries couldn’t manage it, which caused a bit of a tail back, I just struggled on past with frequent stops and I do mean struggle it was just so steep. As I past the lorries queuing they would offer me water, one even asked if I wanted a cigarette! Not too sure how big a climb it was but it was steep and long, by the time I got to the top it was starting to get dark.

With thick jungle all around, camping wasn’t an option so I just had to carry on, it was still raining hard, water was running down the road in rivers!

It got dark very quickly which really slowed me down, the roads are so full of pot holes, there hard enough to spot in the daylight let alone in the dark. I missed one, or rather I didn’t I hit it with such force, a couple of my panniers came off and bounced down the road, one of them had my laptop in it, I’m hoping it’s ok I’ll find out when I go to use it next!

Passed through several villages but no accommodation, everybody kept saying Krui. I decided that I’d push on to there and if I couldn’t find a hotel I’d find somewhere to crash out for the night, camping just didn’t seem an option as there was rice fields all around now!

Got to Krui just before 11 and luckily found a hotel still open and even more luckily they had a room!

Long hard day glad it’s over!

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