Thursday 1st November 2012 – Yongdeng

Went back to the local police station again this morning, after spending an hour or so with the girls on reception who were trying to sort it all out for me, but in the end I decided go back and see for myself.

It was the same lady on reception and she looked a little surprised to see me, luckily there was somebody else there who spoke some english, she explained that I should have gone to Lanzhou yesterday and I need to go there straight away.

Got the hotel to sort a taxi out for me less than £30 for a 160 mile round trip, bargain!

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre! What’s a mirror, what’s a signal! Just pull out and let everybody else stop or swerve, very nerve racking taxi ride, but it somehow seems to work, well most of the time! It wasn’t sunny but I soon put my sunglasses on, just so he didn’t notice me closing my eyes, each time he overtook or went for the gap that wasn’t really there!

When we found the visa office, it was lunchtime so I had to wait for half an hour. I was then met by the man who I’d spoken to on the phone yesterday, who then took me upstairs to another room where the visas are dealt with. The girl on the desk didn’t seem to want to know until the man started talking to her, then we was joined by the big boss who seemed to be on my side, he was very interested in what I was doing.

The girl said that there was still 7 days left on my visa, I said I’m not worried about loosing days I just need to extend it for another 30 days. After a little more talking from the 2 gentlemen she agreed and said it would take 3 working days.

Pretty easy really no flights to book or itineraries to fill out, the only thing she wanted was a photo, but not one I already had they had to take one and then charge me £4 for doing it! They even put a little powder on my face!

The ride back in the taxi was just as scary, but I’m back in one piece!

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