Cycle Touring India Thursday 20th October. Dhule to Semdhwa. 68 miles. 

I was actually quite sad to leave the hotel Ganapati Palace this morning everybody had been so kind and helpful to me in my time of need, the warmth and kindness that was shown to a complete stranger is truly quite humbling and something I’ve experienced throughout the world. It’s one of the reasons that make travelling such a joy and why I do it!

Hotel Ganapat Palacei staff
Staff on reception this morning

In particular Deepam and his family who took me under their wing making sure that I was comfortable and had everything I needed, they took me to the hospital for appointments, picked up my prescriptions for me and let me stay at their hotel rather than letting me stay in hospital and all for? Absolutely nothing just sheer kindness, it is something that I will always cherish and remember, thank you so much Deepam, Pradeep and Kalpana and all your staff I wish you well in the future, it was a pleasure meeting you all.

I was quite late leaving the hotel this morning there was a problem with the card machine and it wouldn’t accept any of my cards, so Deepam had to take me to an ATM to get some cash. After we’d finished faffing about it was 10 o’clock, but I wasn’t overly worried as I knew I wouldn’t get away too early.

hills in the distance
There’s some hills in the distance

The actual cycling wasn’t to bad at all, admittedly I did get a bit short of breath when I had to go up hill and there was a long one this afternoon, but I just took my time and plodded up, even slower than I normally do!

Bijasan Ghat India
Nearly at the top of the climb

I was fairly impressed with my milage today and was ok to continue on further, but it was getting late and the light was starting to go and I really didn’t fancy cycling in the dark!

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