Thursday 20th September 2012 – Batqongya to Zhorsaly.

Batqongya to Zhorsaly. 37 miles.

Camped very close to the road last night, well the new stretch of road that wasn’t open yet, thought I’d be ok which I was, but the traffic soon discovered this new stretch of asphalt and were using it, so this morning as I was packing away loads of lorries and cars were tooting and waving, one even stopped and came to say hello, not sure who they worked for but they said they were monitoring the air conditions, I think!

Very chilly start this morning, thinking the sandals are going to have to go away soon! It’s also not getting light until well after 7, winters coming!

Short ride today, I was hoping to get here yesterday at one point, but the roads are just too bad!

Feeling pretty rough tonight, hope I’m not coming down with something!

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