Thursday 21st June 2012 – Lebanon to Union City.

Lebanon to Union City. 103 miles.

Ended up on another detour today, just when I had about 12 miles to-do! Another bridge was out! Are all the bridges falling down in this country?

Not too bad a detour even though it was in the wrong direction again, but I found a little motel in this town that the detour sent me through and a lovely little Mexican cafe for dinner, beats those big fast food chains! I’ll get back onto the road I’m meant to be on tomorrow morning, it’s only about 12 miles. The town is right on the Illinois Ohio border, it runs through the middle of the town!

Had a knock on the door from the police tonight looking for somebody, apparently there’s been a shooting! And me being the stranger in town I was immediately a suspect!

Knock knock, hello, step out of the room sir, is something wrong? Step out of the room sir! What’s your name with one hand on his gun, Garry, Garry what? McGivern, did you hear a load noise, I heard something but not sure what as the wind has got up. Then on his radio he said it’s not him and he and another police man sped off down the road in their cars! And that was it no sorry for disturbing me.

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