Thursday 21st March. Pacy-s-Eure to Ouistreham. 100 miles.

Well, I think I may have got my cycling legs back, 100 miles, not a bad effort on my part! There’s still some life in the old dog!

Man, track hill
Coming up one of the many cycle paths I used today

Originally I was going to come home via Le Havre, but due to there only being one ferry a day and that’s at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I was a bit worried that I’d miss it!

Bike underneath a tree
My first break of the day

And even though Ouistreham is further away there are more ferries. Which in the end turned out to be the right choice.

There’s not really much to say about today apart from it’s been overcast for most of it, and I’ve been cycling all day, 12 hours in fact, that’s 12 hours actual peddling!

Bike outside a shop
Getting more supplies to keep me going

Despite the long day and hard ride I’ve still enjoyed myself, and look forward to being able to go away again soon before I have to go back into hospital!

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2 Replies to “Thursday 21st March. Pacy-s-Eure to Ouistreham. 100 miles.”

  1. One hundred! Is this the man who has Sepsis and is awaiting a hip replacement? I think you just love the open road. Some of those place names are a bit of a challenge. One ferry a day from Le Havre. I thought that was the main crossing. One hundred miles with full camping gear. Wow!

    1. Your right there, I do love the open road!
      I don’t even bother trying to pronounce most of them.
      There’s usually two ferries in the summer, but I know Brittany Ferries were meant to be getting a new ferry for that route this year, but apparently it’s been delayed indefinitely! So who knows what will happen this year!

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