Spanish Bike Ride 21st-May-2015

Garry McGivern’s Spanish and Portuguese bike ride Thursday 21st-May-2015 Jerez to Huelva. 120 miles. Well, that turned out to be a bit of a long day! Last night I was thinking that I’d be stopping in Saville tonight. But after arriving at lunchtime and having only cycled sixty miles, I decided to push on. Whenever I could have a short day and decide that I need to cycle a little further, it always turns out to be a lot further! It’s always the same, and I never seem to learn.

Saville looked like a lovely place to spend a few days, not that I intend to. Not on my own anyway. I’ll wait until another day and return with Julie for a long weekend.

I passed a hotel at about the eighty-mile mark, which would have been ideal to stop at for the night. But after spotting a campsite on my map fifteen or twenty miles up the road. I decided to push on. Well, that’s the last time I take any notice of what my map says. There was no campsite and no hotels. That’s the second time my map’s been wrong on this trip. I eventually found a hotel here in Huelva, sixty miles after I could have stopped!

Overall though, the ride’s not been that bad today. I’ve cycled past field upon field of sunflowers. Some out in full flower, some not, and quite often, I was surrounded by a sea of yellow as far as the eye could see!

Probably Best To Have Had A Busy Day

Today was tinged with a bit of sadness as it would have been my wife Josies fiftieth birthday. She would have loved that I had to cycle so far before I could get a beer! That would have made her smile! I’ve got a beer now, though! Happy birthday Josie.

Garry McGivern and his wife Josie
Some slim chap and Josie

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  1. It’s just like poker – you never know when you’re going to bust. You go the extra twenty miles.

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