Thursday 21st May. Jerez to Huelva. 120 miles.

Well that turned out to be a really long day in the end! I was thinking of stopping in Saville but that was only after about 60 miles so I thought I’d push on. Think I may return to Saville one day for a short break as it looked quite a nice place (maybe on one of your long weekends Julie?) I passed a hotel at about 80 miles my normal sort of stopping time but I’d seen on the map that there was a campsite another 20 miles up the road, so being the good boy that I am I decided to push on. Well that’s the last time I take any notice of my map that’s at least twice now that it’s said there’s a campsite when there isn’t, there wasn’t even any hotels around so I had no choice really but to push on another 20 miles to Huelva where I knew there would be hotels! Overall though the rides not been that bad today I’ve past field upon field of sunflowers some out in full flower some not, quite often it was just a sea of yellow as far as the eye could see! Today was tinged with a bit of sadness as it would have been my wife Josies 50th birthday, she would have loved the fact that I had to ride so long before I could get a beer! That would have made her smile! Happy birthday Josie I’ve got a beer now! Photo; some slim young chap and Josie. Garry McGivern and his wife Josie

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  1. It’s just like poker – you never know when you’re going to bust. You go the extra twenty miles.

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