Thursday 22nd December 2011

Thur 22. Kendujhargarh to Babaragola. 95 miles

Had to put that extra layer on this morning as there was a chill in the air, but only needed it for an hour or so before it warmed up. Got stopped by more press today and also by people that had seen me in the paper and wanted to say hello and shake my hand!

Saw loads of monkeys towards the end of the day, I’ve been up on a plateau for the last couple of days and it was as I was coming down off of it.

Managed to fall off my bike today, not too sure how, but no harm was done.

Got to the town where I thought there would be some accommodation only to find out there wasn’t, but there was 10 km down the road, it was starting to get dark now but made it to the lodge, only to find out it was full but another 10km down the road was another one so off I go again. It’s really dark now the roads turned into a lunar landscape again, my front lights packed up and my head torch needed new batteries! Luckily I was coming up to the crossing between Odessa and West Bengal and there’s always a massive tail back of trucks so it was quite light, managed to squeeze past all the trucks and get to the front, then had to wait between two trucks as there was know room to pass, this is when I fell off with all the stop start. Once we’d cleared the crossing the road was just as bad, but where all the trucks had backed up and the road being in such a state I managed to sit in between two trucks using the lights from them to see, I was going to say road, but I think craters is more apt! It was so dusty and you’d still get the odd smaller truck or car trying to overtake, all a bit scary but I survived.

Got to the next so called hotel and got told it’s 1000 rupees which is more than I’d been paying in proper hotels, but it was late and dark and not knowing if there was anything else didn’t really have a choice. That’s the first time in India I’ve felt ripped off and been taken advantage of. But I won’t let one person spoil my view of the rest of the Indian people.

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