Thursday 23rd February 2012 – Pangkulan Kotabaru to Bukittinggi.

Pangkulan Kotabaru to Bukittinggi. 48 miles

Quite a hot night last night you don’t realise just how hot it is at night until you don’t have air con and the noise from the jungle, it’s so noisy! But it was nice to be camping again, forgot how much I enjoy it!

Was up at first light and proceeded to pack away, it had been raining in the night so everything was wet, but it’s still nice and hot, it’s just a pain putting the tent away wet, especially as your probably not going to be camping again for a while you have to get it all out to dry off. It’s currently draped all around the hotel room drying off!

So glad I got persuaded to stop last night as it was a long way up hill, 17km and it took me nearly 3 hours this morning and that was on fresh legs! And then another couple of hours before there was any signs of a hotel. Saw loads of monkeys on the ride up the mountain, there just so cool!

Got invited to this girls house today to meet her family, she just came along on a scooter (told you they was really friendly people here) and got talking, she was pretty persistent and in the end I agreed and off we went with me following her and her friend on the scooter. Spent an hour there drinking coffee and talking.

After leaving them it was another 30km up hill, reminds me of being back in Laos! This was one of the reasons I was undecided about which route to take the other day. Got to the top and saw a hotel, although it’s only another 60 miles to get to where I wanted to be tonight, only 60 miles, think I’m loosing the plot, 60 miles it was nearly 4pm! And I’d already done 50 hard miles, so short day today!

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