Thursday 23rd May. Les Andelys to Le Mesnil-sous-Jumieges. 66 miles.

Well I’m quite pleased with myself today! Not only have I done a half decent distance (by today’s standards) I managed to avoid any hills!

It wasn’t until this morning that I finally decided to head for Le Havre. One because it’s nearer, and two, I did think it would be easier going!

I made another new friend last night

I can’t remember the last time I came this way, but there’s definitely a lot more cycle routes!

Leaf spacecraft
This was in somebody’s garden!

Admittedly I’ve never stuck as close to river as this, but a lot of the routes were on the parts that I have cycled before. It’s a lot further in distance sticking as close to the river Seine as I have, but no hills!

Man water barge
Along the Seine with one of the many barges that ply the river

I think I’ve got about another 40 miles to do tomorrow before I reach Le Havre, hopefully it’ll all be okay, as I’m booked on tomorrow nights ferry!

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  1. Lovely job! How do you cope with those village names? They don’t roll off the tongue. Hope you get a nice kip over from Le Havre. You’re beaming man.

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