Thursday 24th July. Brixton to Truro. 61 miles.

Strange campsite last night it wasn’t full of tourists it just seemed to be full of people that were working locally, it was all very cliquey and it was a bit of a dump but the showers were superb and that’s all I was interested in! In contrast tonights campsite is very posh, the toilet block has all individual rooms each with it’s own shower, sink and toilet! Found one of the reasons why I seem to have been struggling (apart from being old and unfit) both my tyres were fairly flat! Also I’ve got off the B roads that run along the coast, their too much like hard work with their very steep accents and descents all the time, i’m now cycling along one of the main routes through Cornwall, it’s very busy with lorries and cars but it’s much more my type of cycling, taking the direct route! I thought the climbs wouldn’t be as steep on the main road and generally there not apart from one that came out of a place called Lostwithiel that one was a 17% gradient! Kept hearing thunder in the distance all day long and the storm eventually caught up with me just after lunch and stayed with me for the rest of the day, every time I went down a hill the rain would ease off as I got to the front of the storm but as soon as I slowed down going up the next hill it would be right on top of me again!

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