Thursday 25th October 2012 – Yumen to Jiayuguan.

Yumen to Jiayuguan. 79 miles.

Normal service resumed today, not so flat, hence the normal sort of mileage.

Been riding on the toll road for a few days now, which I’m obviously not supposed to, but the main road I’m meant to be on, which for the best part runs along side is awful! It’s bumpy, pot holed and not very wide, so if a vehicle comes in the opposite direction I have to get onto the gravel! Hence why I’m on the toll road. Always a bit of a nervous time trying to get back on it riding through the toll booths. This morning was ok, the girl in the booth was fastl asleep!

The hotel seems to have a few westerners staying here, mainly French and German but they were all talking in english. Although I never spoke to any of them, I enjoyed just hearing english being spoken, not that I could really hear what they were talking about!

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