Thursday 26th April. Lingfield to Washington. 33 miles.

Well I’m certainly dragging this tour out, I’m still not home! It’s just all a bit too painful! On any other tour I would have been home yesterday! But it really doesn’t matter, all I would doing if I was home would be to spend all day down the pub!

Garry McGivern
Rough tracks following the phone again

As difficult and as hard I’m finding this cycle camping malarkey at the moment I’m really enjoying it, not the pain obviously but everything else!

Traditional butchers shop
Traditional butchers shop

I think it’s also helping my health more than it normally does!

Usually when I’m out touring I tend to have quite a few beers in the evening! But not on this one, I’ve only been having one or two! It’s to painful to have to get up in the night!

Trees and hills
View from my tent tonight

Think I’ll definitely be home tomorrow, but you never know!!

2 Replies to “Thursday 26th April. Lingfield to Washington. 33 miles.”

  1. That area was my old stamping ground – nice to see there are still some unspoilt spots.2 pints! If I had half a pint it would make me tipsy although I do like Dubonnet. Nice picture of the butcher. and those country lanes

    1. I think I was lucky! There probably isn’t that many unspoilt areas left!
      You need to come out with me a bit more, I’ll get you drinking more than a couple of pints and get you off the Dubonnet stuff! It tastes disgusting!

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