Cycling The World 26th-July-2012

Garry McGivern’s cycling around the world, Thursday, 26th-July-2012. Bognor Regis England to Istanbul, Turkey by air. After two weeks at home, it’s time to get back on the road. It’s been a lovely couple of weeks, catching up with family and friends. Julie and I had a few days away in the West country while my bike was serviced at SJS Cycles in Bridgewater. The rest of my time has been spent mainly down the pub, purely for medical reasons, of course. I’m still pretty sore from my accident and get confused at times (nothing new there!) But generally, I’m feeling okay. Getting back on the bike might help me get over my aches and pains.

Boats in harbour
Porlock Weir, one of the Places Julie and I visited

The flight over from Gatwick was smooth with no problems. I was sitting next to a Chinese girl who was getting a connecting flight to China on the plane. And a Pakistani girl who was flying on to Afghanistan to see her husband. He had been deported from England. Both were good company and made for a quick flight.

Back To Turkey

I was met at Ataturk International airport in Istanbul by a taxi from the hotel, making things a lot easier for me. Arriving at the hotel felt like a second homecoming, as it’s the same hotel I’d stayed in twice last year! All the staff remembered me, which I’m not sure is good or bad! Even Ahmet, the barman, remembered me. He called me the gin and tonic man!

I plan to stay in Istanbul for two nights before moving on and heading for Georgia. One fly in the ointment, though. It’s Ramadan. Meaning food and drink during the day could be a problem. And it’s only six days in with twenty-four more to go!

Please Donate

Don’t forget the main reason behind my ride. I want to raise as much money for cancer research charities as possible. After my wife, Josie, died of breast cancer in 2007, aged only 42. Even the smallest donation helps. You can donate to Cancer Research UK or the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation. Click on either one to donate. Every little bit helps to rid the world of this cruel disease.

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