Thursday 26th July 2012 – Bognor Regis to Istanbul

Bognor England to Istanbul Turkey

After 2 weeks spent back at home it was time to get going again. It’s been a nice couple of weeks spent mainly down the pub, purely for medicinal reasons of course, I needed to recover from my accident in New York! Still feel a bit sore, my back still hurts and I still feel a bit confused sometimes, (nothing new there) but generally ok, think it might help to heal more if I’m cycling.

It was nice to catch up with family and friends, although I didn’t get to see as many people as I wanted to.

Nice smooth flight with no problems, sat next to a Chinese girl and a Pakistan girl who was getting a connecting flight to Afghanistan to see her husband who’d been deported from England, both were good company.

Felt a bit like a second home coming going back to the same hotel I stayed in last December, everybody remembered me and seemed happy to see me!

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