Cycle Touring France Thursday 26th October. Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. 32 miles.

Things are looking up I’ve managed to get away again! Well they are in the fact that I’m off on the bike again, but apart from that they’re not!

On my trip to France the other week I developed that spot on my bum again, which wasn’t painful at the time, but on my return home it seemed to get worse, becoming very painful and swollen!

In the end it became so bad I went to the doctors, (something nice for him to look at!) Anyway after an examination he said that I’d got cellulitis and was given a course of antibiotics to take.

I’ve also been told that there is a very strong possibility that I’ve got arthritis in my hips! I’m waiting on results from an x-ray I had.

And to to top it all my back went the other day and I’ve been getting shooting pains down my left leg again, although I seem to have relieved the pain now by upping a couple of my tablets!

Apart from all my medical problems I’m in good spirits and looking forward to a few days away cycling, providing everything holds out!

I’m on route to France once again, this time I’m heading for St Malo! Which wasn’t planned at all I was going to go back to Le Havre and head to Paris but for some unknown reason I’m now heading further south! I might still head for Paris I really don’t know! I’ll look at the maps tonight and then make a decision, possibly!

6 Replies to “Cycle Touring France Thursday 26th October. Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. 32 miles.”

  1. We saw you cycling on seafront THursday pm back towards Felpham so you didn’t get far. You are falling apart at the seams

  2. St Malo – that where we met in 2015

    I can’t believe he gave you antibiotiic. You’re only fit for cycling.

    My bike has been pinched so I’ll have to look for a second hand one.

    what about your tackle – that’s the main thing

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