Thursday 26th September 2013. Weisenbach to Innsbruck.

Weisenbach to Innsbruck. 63 miles.

Don’t think I planned this route to well I had another two big climbs one at 1200m up the Fernpass and then another one a little later, it wasn’t a pass but it certainly went up for a long time!
There was a group of English people in the hotel last night, they were all Lotus car owner’s and belonged to the Lotus owners club, they were on a tour of Austria. Didn’t really speak to them that much only to really say hello and ask where they were going, think they were all a bit drunk! One of them most certainly was he told me it was all down hill to Innsbruck from the hotel, now I always take the things that people say with a pinch of salt as in a car you don’t notice hills so much but they certainly came over the Fernpass as it’s the only route and if he didn’t notice that it’s a bit worrying!
It’s been raining on and off all day, the coats been on and off all day, doesn’t make much difference you get wet either way, either from the inside out where you sweat with the coat on or from the outside in from the rain if you don’t wear it!

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