Bicycle-Touring Europe September-26th 2013

Bicycle-touring Europe, Thursday September-26th, Weisenbach to Innsbruck. 63 miles. Well, I don’t think I planned this route too well! I had another two big climbs today. Oh wait, I never plan my routes! For that precise reason, I don’t like knowing in advance that there’s a big climb coming! I prefer to cycle along thinking the world is flat! Then when I do come across a hill, it’s a surprise!

The day’s first climb was up the Fern Pass at 1200 metres. Although not as high as the first, the day’s second climb continued for a long time!

At the hotel last night there was a group of English people. They were all members of the Lotus Owners club and were on a tour of Austria in their cars. I didn’t speak to them, except to say hello, and ask where they were going. It was only 7 pm, and they all seemed a bit worse for wear! One of the group was definitely drunk! He told me it was downhill from the hotel to Innsbruck! Now when somebody tells me that it’s downhill all the way, I always take it with a pinch of salt! Especially if they’re in a car! But if he didn’t notice the Fern Pass, it’s a bit worrying!

Cars in front of house
An impressive collection of cars

I was glad to finish today and get a warm shower. It’s been raining on and off all day, so my waterproofs have been on and off, all day! Although I don’t know why I bother, especially when going uphill. All I do is sweat and get just as wet from the inside out! Which then makes me feel cold.

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