Thursday 29th August. Hede to Redon. 61 miles.

Hopefully I’ve got my technical issues sorted out now, and can blog as per normal! Everytime I thought I’d saved my post yesterday it just disappeared, hence why I gave up in the end!

Canal lock barge flowers
This barge looked as if it was wedged in.

It’s been rather hot today, and yes before you ask, I have been putting sunscreen on!

Random windmill I past this afternoon.

Another good ride today, mainly along quiet roads, and I was only following the canal/river for a short time this morning. Although coming away from the water meant it was a lot more hilly, but nothing major.

Chapel at Saint-Marcellin

Hopefully this time tomorrow I should be somewhere along the Loire! I think I’ve got about another 30 miles to go.

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  1. Your on your way – come back in six months. Lovely little windmill. I’m looking forward to the Loire. Watch your toes don’t get sunburnt. he! he!

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