Bike-Ride To Australia 29th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Thursday 29th-December 2011 Jessore to Faridpur. 61 miles. I’ve decided that I’m going to take my time getting to Dhaka. I want to explore a little more on route to Dhaka rather than wait around in Dhaka itself. I’m not meeting Dave, Helen and the girls until Saturday night. And even if I do my usual daily mileage, I’ll still arrive Friday night. It’s a shame I’m not a day earlier. I need to apply for my Chinese visa. Although there might be another fly in the ointment! When’s the Chinese New Year?

I’ve had plenty of tea stops today and drawn a big crowd as usual! So I’ve started to carry my world map in my bar bag! It’s now a lot easier to explain what I’m doing. I just point at the map! Then when I get to a piece of water that I need to cross, or like when I flew from Turkey to India, I do an impersonation of an aeroplane! It’s so much easier. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier!

Men gathered around
Drawing a crowd, in Bangladesh

Before I came to Bangladesh, I was told that getting a beer might be a problem. Touch wood, it’s been okay so far! All I do is ask the room boy, and off he goes, returning half an hour later with a brown paper parcel and inside there’s beer! The local beer is called Hunters, which looks remarkably like Fosters! On my walk tonight, I even found the shop that sells the beer!

My hotel tonight is one of those good ones that let me take my bike into the room. Although it was hard going getting it here, I’m on the fourth floor! And there’s no lift! But I’d take struggling up a few flights of stairs any day! It’s much better than leaving it outside, the front of the hotel! I know they have security guards, but they just sleep!

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