Thursday 29th December 2011

Thur 29. Jessore to Faridpur. 61 miles

Decided on taking my time getting to Dhaka, even if I do my normal days distance I still wouldn’t get there until Friday night and I’m not meeting the Barr’s until Saturday, also the Chinese embassy would be closed for the weekend, as I need to get my visa for China next. One thing that’s slightly worrying me is, when’s the Chinese new year? So rather than stay in Dhaka longer than I have too I’m just taking my time and stopping for tea whenever I get asked by a local, which is always good fun. Started carrying my world map in my bar bag now, it’s easier to explain what I’m doing I can show and then just do an impersonation of a plane, they normally get what I’m talking about I think!

Was told before I came here that getting a beer might be a problem. So far it’s been ok, all you do is ask the room boy and off he goes, returning half an hour later with a paper parcel and in side some beer! It’s called Hunters but looks remarkably like fosters! I even found the shop that sells the beer tonight.

I like hotels that let me put my bike in the room although tonights was a bit of a trek I’m on the fourth floor, but it’s still better than leaving it in the care of a security guard, who normally just sleeps anyway!

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