Thursday 2nd April; YouTube Video

Hollands Wood in the New Forest, one of my favourite campsites was due to open today, and I was planning to cycle there.

Unfortunately due to the Coved-19 pandemic, we’re all in lockdown, and the site opening has been postponed!

So until it does open and we’re out of this lockdown, enjoy this short video. I made it using old footage. #Stayathome

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2 Replies to “Thursday 2nd April; YouTube Video”

  1. What a lovely day (16th April) The New Forest does nothing for me. You can’t see the wood for the trees and those long straight roads. Brockenhurst is OK. and you’re into Lymington (tea and cakes)
    A doctor has just phoned to say they are not giving me any more steroid tablets. It’s an economy measure but they were useful if I had bronchitis. Down by the riverside – saw an Egret he! he!
    Keep cycling – Malc

    1. I must admit, I only like the New Forest, and Hollands Wood out of season and midweek, it’s too busy otherwise! Brockenhurst is a lovely little town, they’ve got a couple of nice pubs! They also have a good range of shops to get supplies, i.e. butcher, baker, not a candlestick maker! But a grocer, a couple of small supermarkets, a curry house, Chinese takeaway, chip shop, and even tea rooms, if you really have to!
      Don’t know about the tea rooms in Lymington, but there’s a good Saturday market held on the High street and a nice harbour.
      Hopefully, you won’t need the steroid tablets, and you’ll stay fit and healthy.
      Stay safe and healthy

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