Thursday 2nd August 2012 – Tosya to Merzifon.

Tosya to Merzifon. 86 miles.

Very mountainous today with some pretty spectacular scenery. Felt as if I spent the morning going down hill and then the afternoon going up. Not sure whether I’m getting acclimatised or it was a bit cooler, but it certainly didn’t feel as hot!

The roads weren’t particularly good, they were all rutted and very uneven.! From what I’ve heard though there pretty good compared to the roads in Kazakhstan!

Going up a hill and through a gorge I was suddenly stopped by the police and Jandarma all with guns, I wondered what I’d done wrong but it wasn’t just me they stopped it was all the traffic, think they were blasting somewhere up in the mountains and were worried about an avalanche, didn’t hear a bang but saw some dust or smoke up above, they then let us all go, I waited a while until most of the lorries had gone before continuing myself! Mr sensible these days, still a bit cautious of traffic!

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