Thursday 2nd February 2012 – Saraburi to Samut Songkhram. 117 miles.

Saraburi to Samut Songkhram. 117 miles.

Bangkok came and went today, had a good morning and was there by midday, only stopped briefly for something to eat and that was only a banana and a packet of crisps! Managed to get a bit confused as I normally do in big city’s but not too bad, it was quite good really as I ended up going through China town, don’t think I should have but it was good, they still had the decorations up from new year which made it really colourful.

Had a real big thunder just after lunch which at first was nice as it washed most of the dust off my bike and it was nice riding in the rain without having to worry about putting waterproofs as it’s so warm you’ll soon dry out. Trouble was the rain just got so heavy I couldn’t see a thing and neither could any of the traffic everything just ground to a halt, so I took cover under a banks frontage along with loads of scooter riders. It was so hard you could barely see across the road and the wind got up and as for the thunder and lightning, it was so loud, made me jump a few times!

After about 15 minutes the rain started to ease off so I decided to get going, but where was the road it was under about a foot of water and it was flowing down the road like a small stream. About a mile down the road you’d never have known it had rained everything was bone dry again. Had a couple more showers this afternoon but nothing as heavy.

Hard last 20 miles or so the landscape became very flat with salt beds as far as the eye could see and the wind was blowing straight across me coming off the sea. Managed to find one hotel in a service area but the lady wanted me to leave my bike out the front with nothing to lock it too, so I left that one and found another one a few miles down the road and the bikes in the room with me.

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