Cycle Touring England Thursday 2nd July. Langton Matravers to Bognor Regis. 94 miles.

Nice early start today I was up at 5 o’clock and packed and ready to leave by 6.30. The reason being the 3 mile stretch of cycle path that runs along Poole and Bournemouth seafront is closed to cyclists between 10am and 6pm in July and August and the alternative is along the busy road which goes up and down hills, it’s also full of dithering old biddies that live around there! It also worked out pretty well with the weather as the forecast was for heavy rain coming in, which I managed to also stay ahead of, it did catch me up at Brockenhurst but I just stopped and had a breakfast and by the time I’d had that it had cleared up. I came home a different way to the one I normally take when I’ve been to Swanage, my normal route is across the Isle of Wight, but because I’d got a few return tickets from the ferries I’d caught on the way down and I also wanted to see how far in comparison it was this way. Turns out it’s about 14 miles longer although some of that may have been down to me getting lost in the woods in the New Forest! I was following the cycle track signs when all of a sudden it said the bridge that crossed the railway was closed and that was it, no alternate route or go this way nothing! I wasn’t the only one stuck, there was a group of teenagers doing thier Duke of Edinburgh award wondering which way to go, but at least they had a good map of the area mine was just a cycle map and it only showed the path through the woods and nothing else! As I stood there with the teenagers their teacher a Mr Cox came along and told me which was the best way for me to go, which wasn’t too bad I just had to go back about a mile and cross the railway on another bridge and then pick my route up a bit further on. It’s been a good few days away I won’t call it a tour as I haven’t done that many miles and I’ve found some nice little routes which I will probably cycle on odd day rides out. I eventually walked indoors at about 10.30, it would have been a lot earlier but I called in at my local and was there for three hours! Total miles covered 245. Picture; Corfe Castle from the other day.Corfe Castle

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