Thursday 31st July. Netley Abbey to home. 45 miles.

Short ride today from Netley to home today, I was home by about 2 o’clock and that was me taking my time and stopping off a few times, I also came home a bit of a different route than the normal one I take. I decided that I’d get a couple of Ferries, there always good and break up the journey a bit and I always like being on the water! These two journeys are very short, the first one is from Gosport to Portsmouth, it’s just a foot passenger ferry and does get very busy with people commuting to work, it only takes about 5 minutes to make the crossing, with two boats operating this service. The second ferry is even smaller and there’s only one of them, you quite often have to wait around a bit fir the ferry to come across and it can only take a maximum of 12 people at a time! It runs across the very short piece of water between Eastney which is at the other end of Portsmouth to Hayling Island where there’s a nice cycle path that runs along a disused railway line. Going this way is no longer than when I go along the main road home it just takes longer waiting for the ferries! It’s not been a bad trip, a little hard at times particularly in parts of Devon and Cornwall with the steep gradients of some of the hills! The weather has been superb with it raining only the once. You sometimes forget what a pretty little country England is! Total miles covered 751.

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