Thursday 3rd March. St Richards Hospital Chichester.

Garry McGivern in a hospital bed
Garry all set to go home

Well, last night was a lot quieter Mr high pain tolerance was really quite, in fact, he’s turned into a bit of whimpering wimp with screaming and moaning, quite the opposite to the character he was trying to portray yesterday! I also didn’t hear much snoring and fell into a deep sleep really quickly! I was woken up at just after midnight by the nurse who needed to give me some more antibiotics, but I was in such a deep sleep that when she initial woke me I didn’t have a clue where I was or who she was and it took a few moments before I realised where I was! Still half asleep she went to administer my antibiotics but it was really painful which soon made me wake up fully! She now had to move the cannula and find another vein to put it in, it had already been moved once yesterday and that took a lot of attempts! She now also proceeded to have a go, but once again after trying several times she just couldn’t get a vein! She gave up and had to call somebody else who also struggled but on her third attempt she found a vein and got the cannula in! My arm once more felt like it had had a game of pin the tail on the donkey! In three days I must have had least fifteen attempts at getting a cannula in with only three successes! I really hope this one is a success and keeps working I don’t think there’s anywhere else on my arm that they could try! They can only use my right arm as the left arm is the one that’s got the infection in and swollen! Morning arrived and once again it was time for antibiotics and guess what, just for a change they couldn’t get the cannula to work, what a surprise! Resigning myself to having to have it moved once again and more attempts at trying to get a needle in me I just lay back! But after several attempts at flushing it through and playing with it, they managed to get it going! Saved from having to have more holes put in me, well for the time being anyway! Turned out that I must have fallen into a really deep sleep last night because by all accounts it was a really busy and noisy night on the ward! Due to the problems that they’d been having with my cannula I wasn’t allowed to have a shower this morning so that was nice for everybody! The consultant came round this morning and told me that she was thinking about me last, so I replied saying that I was thinking of her too! (Think I might be in there!) Turns out she was thinking more about my arm! She’d decided that if it wasn’t any better this morning she was going to operate! Thankfully it was a lot better, although I couldn’t really see it myself. But she’s the expert and I’ll take what she says! She told me that they’ll keep me in today and give me some more antibiotics intravenously then hopefully send me home late afternoon early evening with some more antibiotics to take orally again. Unfortunately, that never went quite according to plan! Because of the lateness of my last dose of antibiotics and the fact that there was still some swelling it was decided to keep me in for another night and then review it again in the morning!

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