Cycle Touring India and Nepal Thursday 3rd November. Aralaj to Birguni, Nepal. 61 miles.

It’s been tough going today the road just ran out and it was more like a track for most of the way, but at least I’ve made it to Nepal.

Managed to get lost coming through Motihari this morning I think that’s where it all started to go wrong as that’s when the road ran out!

Whilst I was lost and trying to work out which way to go a friendly shop keeper invited me in for a cup of tea, which is always nice, plus it gave me a chance to try and work out which way to go in the peace and quite of his shop.

Garry McGivern
It’s me!

I saw a working elephant today but unfortunately it was a bit too far away to get a decent picture of!

Elephant in the bushes
There’s an elephant in there somewhere

The run up to the border was the predictable chaotic scene with mile after mile of queuing trucks! I nearly wen’t straight across the border without getting an exit stamp it was so chaotic but luckily at this point I was walking trying to get past all the lorries and somebody pointed me in the right direction, had they not there was no way I would have seen it, it was just some inconspicuous room that never really had any signage saying what it was!

Nepal border gate
The Nepal border as seen through the trucks

After the normal bureaucratic form filling in I received my exit stamp and was allowed to continue on!

Obtaining my visa on Nepal side was easy enough I just forgot I needed to pay for the visa in US$ so I had to quickly find mine from where I’d stashed them!

Initial thoughts on Nepal the food portions are a lot bigger and beer seems to be more readily available!

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  1. Is that you on the road to hell. I thought one of those lorries was going to topple. You certainly go at a lick. Is this the man with the bad back?

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