Thursday 5th April 2012 – Nundroo to Ceduna

Nundroo to Ceduna

Finally made it out of the Nullarbor, although I must admit it wasn’t too bad at all, in fact it was a lot easier than I thought, it was mainly flat and for the most part the wind was behind me, the long straight roads were a bit tedious but I didn’t think it was as lifeless and boring as I’d been led to believe. I think having a much smaller scale map than I normally do really helped so I knew exactly how far it was between stops, whereas normally I’m riding and don’t have a clue what’s coming up!

I think that the main thing you need for crossing the Nullarbor apart from water is money, unless you just want to eat pasta or rice everyday you have to buy your meals at the roadhouse they don’t have any food you can buy and cook yourself, even an apple or orange was hard to come by and then they charged a fortune!

Staying here in Ceduna for 2 nights, as I need to catch up on a few bits and also swap my tyres around, the back one seems to be wearing rather rapidly, also thought I could get a helmet, but that doesn’t look very likely as all the shops are closed tomorrow and they were also closed when I arrived!

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