Thursday 5th January 2012 in Dhaka

No rats at breakfast this morning, and bit of a late breakfast as I didn’t have to be at the embassy until after 10.

Got my visa at long last. After that I went to cancel the flight that I had to get so I could get a visa. That took a few hours as all they wanted to do was talk and drink tea. After getting my money back I went to the bank to change it back into dollars. More tea and conversation and another hour or so passed.

I’d wanted to start packing my bike up today but everything just seemed to take so long, so gave up and went and sat at my new local, a tea stall along the main road near the hotel, Tunny the owner keeps giving me free tea, she won’t let me pay, think I might be drawing more customers in who are curious about me, so I end up talking to all the locals that come along, a lot of them have seen me walking about and like to come over for a chat. They all tend to ask the same questions, what’s you name, what’s your country and how old are you? But that’s fine always nice to be spoken too and they all say thank you very much!

Went to my normal cafe for dinner tonight and was joined by a local who exported food for a living, nice chap and nice conversation, he even paid for my dinner! Speaking of dinner it usually only costs about £1 for a meal, apart from at KFC when it was nearer £4 but that’s the western influence I suppose!

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