Thursday 5th July 2012 in New York

Ground zero first thing this morning, like the pools of water that they’ve put in the footprint of the twin towers with the names of all the people that were killed on that day back in September 9 2001 all around the edge. Loads of security check points to get in, which isn’t surprising really!

Brought some cheap pants today, I only had one pair after they cut one pair off when I was taken to hospital. (I have been washing them everyday. Honest!)

Central park in the afternoon, which is huge! Strange having all that greenery in the middle of such a big city. Also went to the Rockefeller centre and in the evening we went to Serendipity a cafe/ restaurant that’s famous for it’s desserts and has been around for 60 years! And apparently we sat at the seats where Marilyn Munroe and Jackie Onasis have sat! Whatever!

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